Amazon Voyage for the Miami Science Museum


As part of the Miami Science Museum's exhibit, "Amazon Voyage: Vicious Fishes and Other Riches," Home Run Pictures produced a small dome video experience. The animated video presents several traditional tales about the Amazon River. The traveling exhibit lets kids dress up in a dolphin costume and dance to Brazilian music, struggle to pick up a 60-pound Anaconda snake, enter a floating home and trigger the animals of the night to appear. If you’re brave, you can feel the shock of an electric eel.

The exhibit features art and murals by Alaska artist Ray Troll and Home Run Pictures' artist Phillipe Velasquez used elements from his art as well as new illustrations created in Troll's style to generate layered animated sequences during the telling of the tales. Two narrators riding on a boat up the Amazon converse as they look up at the stars and the one tells the other the Amazon tales that come to life on the small domed theater's immersive screen.

The video was produced in English, Spanish and Portuguese. The exhibit has been traveling around the world since 2005. Sean Duran, VP of exhibits at the museum, who directed the creation of the exhibit estimates that possibly a million and a half visitors have experienced the exhibit.

***For illustrative purposes, the simulated views on this web page show the video being presented in a large domed theater... the Amazon Voyage show is usually shown in a small domed environment as part of the exhibit.


Click here for Quicktime movie of a clip from the Amazon Voyage

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