"BIG BANG" animated "powers of ten" style look at our place in the universe

As a spectacular opening module for the annual Three Rivers Environmental Awards program, Home Run Pictures was asked to produce a "history of the universe" style animated sequence. Starting with the "Big Bang" the audience gets to watch the universe build to the point where thousands of galaxies are in existence. Our Milky Way galaxy becomes center stage as our viewpoint dives into the swirling mass of stars and nebula until we eventually reach our home sun and its group of planets and end in Earth orbit.

Animation director, Tom Casey worked with new software tools to generate a massive model of a galactic system with millions of particle elements. The finished model represents a 3D visualization of our galaxy with the ability to move around outside and inside the star systems... for a breathtaking tour of what the Milky Way may look like.

A classic tour of the planets in our solar system finishes up the sequence as we zoom past the rings of Saturn, the moons of Jupiter, dodge asteroids and fly-by a comet.

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©  2002    H o m e   R u n   P i c t u r e s