"Birth of the Solar System" for CuriosityStream.com

Working with producer Dana Berry at Skyworks Digital, Home Run Pictures created several animations for the CuriosityStream.com documentary "Birth of the Solar System." The documentary looks at new theories involving aspects of our solar system's beginnings. One theory called the Grand Tack Hypothesis, suggests that after its formation, Jupiter began spiraling toward the Sun, but was halted by an orbital resonance with Saturn, or in nautical terms, make a "grand track" to its present orbit.

Jupiter's grand track may have caused the inner planets, Earth, Mars and Venus to possibly move into more eliptical orbits before settling into the stable circular ones they enjoy today. Home Run Pictures' animators were asked to create sequences visualizing what the inner planets may dramatically experience in the future if the circular orbits again became perturbed into more eliptical paths. One sequence shows what might happen to Venus if its orbit traded places with Earth and the hot atmosphere cooled enough to allow it to rain. The old Russian space probe, Venera, is featured on the surface.

Another visualization looks at the possibility of a planet breaking up because of the gravitational forces experienced and then falling into the Sun. And a very dramatic sequence used near the end teases what may happen if Earth were to experiencea a close encounter or an impact from one of the planets causing Earth to shatter into an asteroid belt of rocks and debris.

The complete documentary can be watched at the Curiositystream.com web site.

Click here for Quicktime movie of Liberty sequence
Click here for Quicktime movie of Venera sequence

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