"Black Hole " for Skyworks Digital and National Geographic Television

As part of a National Geographic documentary produced by Dana Barry of Skyworks Digital, Home Run Pictures animated a visualization of a super-massive blackhole. The extreme gravity of a blackhole causes all matter surrounding the sigularity to spiral in towards what is called the event horozon. To achieve a visually dramatic effect Home Run Pictures used a combination of particle systems and geometry with animated fractal-based textures of transparency and color.

The viewer initially slowly dives in towards the event horizon, first past clusters of stars in orbit around the blackhole, then into a swirling mass of dust and other star matter. The dive towards the center increases in speed as the colors change in a rainbow-like effect.

Thousands of particles in orbit around the blackhole required a huge amount of computer power to render... the final HD frames requiring a render farm of 64 four procrssor servers to complete the simulation.

The view continues in until time and space become distorted and we are captured by the darkness beyond the event horizon of the super-massive blackhole.

Click here for Quicktime movie of the Black Hole

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