Looking Back---> "Chromie" Experimental CGI Character Animation Screened at Siggraph (1989)

Looking way back to 1989, at an animation created before Tom Casey started Home Run Pictures and at a time when CGI character animation was only attempted by a few pioneering studios... "Chromie" was purely an experimental attempt by Tom and his fellow animators working then at video production house PMI. Lots of after work time, rendering help from computer firm, Silicon Graphics, and software company Alias... and an ambitious storyline was rewarded by the short being selected to be shown in the annual Siggraph Conference's Screening Room.

Although, very simple in look and complexity when compared to the CGI character animation being created today, the animation was well received, even copied by other animation studios (our robot and little guy were featured in a very similar storyline for a Japanese short the next year). Arm and leg movements had to be keyed using very primitive rotation pivots, very unlike today's inverse and forward kinematic tools available in animation software. Animators Renee Latham and Rich Yasick worked with Tom, along with other production house personell to assemble soundtrack, music, editing and character voices.

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