"Dogfights" for Aviation Week and The Discovery Channel

DePierro Video Productions needed to create visuals for two real-life historical dogfights to intercut with interviews from the pilots that flew the missions during WWII and the Korean War. Over four minutes of animated sequences were produced depicting two P40 fighters encountering three Japanese Zeros and two F86 jets running into a squadron of 16 Migs. Various scenes from external and in cockpit views were created to detail the classic aerial confrontations.

Animators worked from talking heads of the pilots as they described their experiences to gather timing and possible camera viewpoints. An aerial combat expert was video taped as he previewed the maneuvers described using small model planes and hand drawn diagrams. Rough motion tests were then edited together for offline editing and eventually replaced with the final rendered animations.

The resulting visuals brought to life the colorful stories of classic aerial dogfighting that the pilots were recalling. The program aired on The Discovery Channel and is available on video tape through Aviation Week Magazine.

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