Here's the pitch . . . We are pleased to have this opportunity to introduce Home Run Pictures and showcase our animation and special effects capabilities. Home Run Pictures has been involved in the production of computer generated imagery since the early pioneering days of the business. Today we are creating animation for immersive theaters, animated films, television programming, commercials, corporate video, scientific visualization and interactive applications for clients worldwide.

Our success comes from the totally creative approach we aim for in every project. Although our animators produce using a wide range of the latest computer based tools, none of us are "computer" animators. Our backgrounds are in film making, photography, graphic design and video production. A group of creative people who have traded in their Nikon, Arri or RED cameras (well maybe not the RED) for the virtual lens of the computer... a camera able to go places impossible for the conventional tools... whose only limitation is that of our imagination. Just think of the unlimited storytelling possibilities available through the capabilities of computer generated imagery. And as a result of this creative approach, our work has consistently been recognized and screened at animation festivals internationally.

We would love to be a part of your team to meet your animation and visual effect needs. Check out case histories of some of our work by clicking on the thumbnail images in the left column. Please give us a call if you need a "ballpark" cost figure, want more information or require assistance planning a future project.

Let's hit some "home runs" together...

                         Tom Casey ~ President/Creative Director


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