Looking Back---> "Where We Work " Best of Show Addy winner for Redhouse and Hamot Hospital (1995)

Looking back at some of the commercials created by Home Run Pictures... a spot developed to promote the Hamot Hospital and its heart care capabilities needed a CGI tour inside a human heart, but Redhouse's creative director's goal was to avoid a clinical feel. Home Run Pictures' creative director, Tom Casey suggested a painted feel, with brush strokes creating almost a look that could be a Van Goph painting. The animation was first created using an actual computer model of a heart, the beating and heart valves all working.

The sequences were then finalized and rendering was simplified to only output basic color, shading and tonality. Using a post process, brush strokes were added making use of the contrast, color and brightness values of the rendering to determine direction and speed of the "brushing." The spot won Best of Show at the regional Addy Awards for originality and unique message delivery.

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