Looking Back---> "New Menu " Addy winner for Ketchum and Eat 'n Park Restaurants (1994)

Looking back at some of the commercials created by Home Run Pictures... a spot developed to introduce a new menus at the Eat 'n Park restaurant chain wanted a hand magically drawing on illustrations of various menu items in a fanciful way. Created in the pre-digital timeframe, a hand was filmed moving over a piece of glass with a green background. Carefully choreographed paths were layed out and source footage was captured for each drawing sequence. Then frame by frame, artist Phillipe Velasquez sketched out the various type and menu images following the motion of the hand.

Animation director, Tom Casey devised a sequencing process to keep the frames in order and developed some mathematical timing guidlines to aid the artist in working out speed and length pacing. The spot received an Addy Award in the commercial catagory. Technically, today the spot would not be anywhere near as difficult as it was in 1994, but Home Run Pictures has been known for problem solving beyond what the general capabilities are in any time frame and welcomes the challenge.

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