"Night Proton Launch " Simulation for Skyworks Digital

Dana Barry's Skyworks Digital requested a realistic night-time launch of a Russian Proton rocket. Their client wanted something that would be difficult to achieve in real life since typically a camera would be at risk in position that close to a launch. Simulating the launch in CGI allowed for a more dramatic camera move panning across the scene and following the rocket up its tragetory.

The most difficult part was creating believable smoke and steam from the hot rocket engine's exhaust. Using particles to provide a way to dynamically control the flow of the exhaust gases down and out through the tunnels under the launch pad and then shading the particles with fluid textures, a cloud of smoke was rendered. Dramatic night lighting provided a final touch creating an exciting simulation of the Proton. The scene was rendered in HD as well as in a 360 degree fulldome final sequence.

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