Riverlife Task Force: Animated simulations for Pittsburgh's Three Rivers Park

The city of Pittsburgh is located at the junction of the Allegheny and Monongahela Rivers that form the Ohio River. The Riverlife Task Force's commission is to create and implement a master plan for the city's three rivers. Make the rivers more accessible to people and make Pittsburghers better stewards of this natural resource. Named Three Rivers Park, the task force asked Home Run Pictures to visualize what the two year design project had envisioned. Beginning with a film shoot from a helicopter, selected footage was tracked, projected development was modeled, and everything was composited together to create a realistic view of the future plans. The above imagery shows development plans for the area between the new Pirates and Steelers stadiums. (The smaller image is the raw "before" view)

The new convention center that is under construction was another area that the commission wanted visualized. Other riverfront areas included the Station Square expansion including new docks for the riverboat fleet and an office-residential complex along an area called the West End. Home Run Pictures animators worked closely with the planners, architects and development agencies involved. Blueprints and concept sketches were used as reference with some CAD models being available to import into scene setups. The visualizations were included in a video that was shown to the media and the various government concerns during a press conference aboard one of Pittsburgh's riverboats that cruised up and down the river locations featured in the study.

Animation created jointly at Home Run Pictures and Kaleidoscope Animations

Click here for Quicktime movie of the Riverlife Task Force

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