"Scientastic," pilot episode for new PBS kid's science series

Home Run Pictures produced graphic effects sequences for the pilot episode of a new kid's science series, "Scientastic," that is targeted to be shown on PBS stations. The pilot, which will air in the Fall, follows a 12 year old girl named Leah, who along with her younger brother learn something new about science during each episode. In the pilot, "Sticks and Stones," Leah's friend on her soccer team, falls and breaks her arm sending Leah on a science adventure to learn how bones heal.

Leah's hopes her friend's arm will heal in time for the big chanpionship game, since she is the soccer team's star player. The fact hunt sends Leah to a natural history museum to talk with a palentologist about dinosaur bones, to an aviary to discuss bird bones and then to a research facility where they are looking for ways to allow bones to heal faster.

As Leah learns new facts, she pauses and reviews the facts in her mind. Home Run Pictures created the "thought balloon" sequences floating around the lead star's head by compositing animated elements over green screen footage of the actress playing Leah. The sereis web site, www.ScientasticTV.com has further information about the new series.

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