Looking Back---> "Space Station " Experimental CGI Animation Selected for Prestigious Siggraph Evening Show (1988)

Looking far back to 1988, an animation created by Tom Casey when 3D software tools were only begnning to be available for video production companies... Tom found himself spending evenings at the computer as he waited for his wife to finish working. Since she was a tax accountant, every tax season meant long days for her. So to kill some time and practice with the new software tools, Tom began to create scenes about one of his favorite subjects, space travel. Taking a similar story line as was made famous in the movie "2001," Tom built a classic tourus space station and modeled a futuristic space shuttle. The story followed a shuttle leaving the orbiting station for the return trip to Earth.

The early software tools had just been upgraded to allow the mapping of textures, so the station and the planet Earth became a test for the new capability. By today's standards the Earth looks like an old "original series Star Trek" planet from the 60"s. Submitted to the 1988 Siggraph Computer Graphics Conference, the animation was selected to be shown in the prestigious Evening Show... sort of the Academy Awards for CGI work where 40 of the years best animation work was screened to the 25,000+ attendees each year.

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