Neptune's moon Triton and rocket-pack explorer for NASA Future Space Fulldome Planetarium Show


Neptune's moon, Triton is a very cold place. Rocky terrain and liquid nitrogen geysers create an environment extremely hostle to human life. As part of a NASA funded planetarium program describing possible future human exploration to all the planets (or moons of the gas giants), Home Run Pictures had to design and visualize how those explorers migh survive in the various environments they would encounter. A cube-like structure supported on flexible pylons to cushion the working/living quarters from the geologically-active surface of Triton.

The explorers themselves might travel around the base site for investigating close by geysers using small "rocket-pack-like" spacesuits. The suits would need to be extremely insulated in the frigid thin atmosphere. The liquid nitrogen vents and geysers could possibly be used to generate power with geothermal differences creating flows similar to hydro-electric dams on Earth.

Neptune's moon, Triton sequence is part of NASA funded "The Great Planet Adventures" fulldome planetarium show now premiering at the Baton Rouge, Louisiana Art and Science Museum and the Houston Museum of Natural Science... and later available for licensing in other planetariums worlwide.

Click here for Quicktime movie of the Neptune's moon Triton sequence

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