Uniontown Hospital "Touching Lives" for Big Picture Commuincations

As a sequel spot to last year's fully animated commercial, Big Picture Communications came up with the concept of, this time, placing the "magic dust" effect in live action scenes showing people in the hospital's community enjoying life... the magic dust streaking through the scene representinbg the client hospital's constant presense.

The live action scenes were shot at various locations with the camera lensing and positioning recorded to allow animators to create a correctly scaled scene in CGI and then match the perspective for the magic dust effect. The dust was then composited into each scene with mattes cut to allow the dust to go behind, as well as in front of the actors.

Since the scenes were shot in the winter months, it was necessary to extensively retouch the outdoor scenes to fill in trees and flowers with a more summertime look as well as add in a sky that matched the final hospital scene.

The hospital wing featured in the spot, still under construction, needed to be completely created in CGI. The spot was produced in HD with a letterbox SD version also created for use.

Click here for Quicktime movie of "Touching Lives"

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