Uniontown Hospital "The Excitement is Building " for Big Picture Commuincations

As a fundraising anouncement for the new wing of the Uniontown Hospital, agency Big Picture Communications came up with a creative idea where the new structure was magically assembled. Swirling clouds, magic dust... then blocks, bricks, beams, floors, walls and windows all dramatically float into position... as the building becomes reality.

Home Run Pictures produced the 30 seconds of animation using various Autodesk Maya 3D tools including particle emitters for the magic dust, fluid effects for the clouds, and paint effects for the growing trees. A green screen composite was employed to transform the 3D building back into a blueprint drawing that is then rolled up to reveal the hospital logo.

Raytracing was employed to create a realistic final render. The spot was produced in a four week timeframe and initially aired during a Pittsburgh Steeler game.

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