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Welcome to the Home Run Pictures Virtual Reality Web Site... here you will find various case histories and materials about past creative and production work for virtual reality and gaming projects. Materials are intended to give a behind-the scenes look at some of our work and provide insight into VR and game production concepts and techniques. New materials will be added as they become available...

IMERSA Summit 2017 Presentation HRP.pdf - The powerPoint slides from a presentation given at IMERSA2017 in Denver by Tom Casey about the Destination: Pluto, The VR Experience.

Destination Pluto: The VR Experience - A teaser case history for an upcoming in-depth behind the scenes look at the production of the HTC VIVE VR program for online streaming site, CuriosityStream.com allowing users at a science conference to explore Pluto.

Exploring the Wreck of the Titanic - Behind the scenes look at the production of an immersive game experience where users get to control a submersible to explore the wreck site of the Titanic. NEW

Mars Plane Immersive Simulation - Case history of the creation of a student experience for the Houston Museum of Natural Science were a simulation of flying on Mars is used to teach various aerodynamic topics like lift and navigation. NEW

IMERSA Summit 2018 Immersive Games HRP.pdf - The powerPoint slides from the IMERSA2017 presentation in Columbus by Tom Casey describing using immersive game play for educational goals. NEW

IMMERSIVE STORYTELLING EXPERIENCES - Click here to view a discussion of how immersive experiences in their various formats excel at storytelling. NEW

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Feel free to link to these materials to promote and further content creation for the virtual reality and gaming markets, but please do not remove the Home Run Pictures identification and credits... all materials are copyrighted, so permission is required to reproduce these materials as part of other documents.





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